EntertainmentNetflix reveals top hits: "Red Notice" leads with 231 million views

Netflix reveals top hits: "Red Notice" leads with 231 million views

"Red Notice" is Netflix's film of all time
"Red Notice" is Netflix's film of all time
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Magdalena Drozdek

1 July 2024 16:01

Netflix has revealed its list of biggest hits. Of all the films that have arrived on Netflix - and there are plenty - the top spot is a movie that has achieved an astonishing 231 million views.

Netflix releases a new hit with a star-studded cast almost every week. The latest production platform users can watch "A Family Affair" featuring Nicole Kidman, Joey King, and Zac Efron, with "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F," starring Eddie Murphy, set to premiere soon. Currently, "The Veteran" with Jessica Alba is making waves - her film has garnered 24 million views so far. There is still a long way to go before it reaches number one on Netflix's biggest hits list. So, what have been the most-watched movies on this platform?

Netflix's biggest hits

Netflix has unveiled a list of 20 of its biggest hits, comprising 10 English-language films and 10 non-English-language films. At the top of the English-language list is the critically panned "Red Notice," featuring Gal Gadot as the lead. In this rather absurd story, Gadot plays the most dangerous art thief, being hunted by FBI profiler John Hartley, played by Dwayne Johnson, who teams up with another thief - Nolan Booth, played by Ryan Reynolds. "Red Notice" has achieved 231 million views, with viewers spending 454 million hours watching the film.

In second place is the Oscar-nominated "Don't Look Up" with 171 million views. Third place goes to "The Adam Project," which has 158 million views.

Here is the full list of Netflix's English-language hits: 

  1. "Red Notice"
  2. "Don't Look Up"
  3. "The Adam Project"
  4. "Bird Box"
  5. "Leave the World Behind"
  6. "The Gray Man"
  7. "The Woman in the Window"
  8. "We Can Be Heroes"
  9. "The Mother"
  10. "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery"

And which non-English-language productions have captivated viewers in recent years? Topping the list is the Norwegian "Troll" from 2022. This film about a giant mythical creature coming to life and terrorising Norway has 103 million views. In second place is last year's Spanish Oscar contender, "The Snow Society," which tells the story of a plane crash in the Andes that 16 people survived. Interestingly, the Spanish drama "Nowhere" is in third place, about two castaways in a dystopian future.

Non-English-language Netflix hits are:

  1. "Troll"
  2. "The Snow Society"
  3. "Nowhere"
  4. "The Platform"
  5. "Under Paris"
  6. "Through My Window"
  7. "Alias"
  8. "Blood Red Sky"
  9. "My Name is Vendetta"
  10. "Black Crab"

Amongst the series, "Wednesday" and "Squid Game" remain highly popular.

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