NewsNATO leaders uneasy after Biden's debate stumbles

NATO leaders uneasy after Biden's debate stumbles

NATO is concerned about Joe Biden. "It's painful"
NATO is concerned about Joe Biden. "It's painful"
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Jakub Artych

7 July 2024 14:51

World media speculates about Biden's possible withdrawal from the elections after the debate with Donald Trump, in which the current head of state appeared confused. Leaders of NATO countries are also concerned about Biden's stance in recent weeks.

Let us recall that the Joe Biden - Donald Trump debate took place at the end of June. The discussion lasted 90 minutes with two commercial breaks and was held in a studio without an audience. The candidates were not allowed to use pre-prepared notes or props, only receiving a piece of paper and a pen.

They had two minutes to respond to a question and one minute for a possible rebuttal.

It was not the best day for the President of the USA. During the debate last Thursday, Joe Biden often seemed confused, stumbled, mixed up millions with billions, spoke softly and sometimes unclearly, sometimes didn't finish sentences, and looked blankly into space.

Later, Joe Biden sparked controversy with his Independence Day speech. His words once again surprised Americans. Biden's behaviour concerns not only the Democrats but also other NATO country leaders.

NATO fears for Biden. Will there be a change of candidate?

As emphasised by the independent Russian portal Meduza, diplomats and world leaders are expressing "urgent concerns" about Joe Biden's age, health, and ability to win the presidency while preparing for the July NATO summit.

Now, Biden must convince his allies that he is ready to fight and overcome the political crisis to stay in it.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the president is old. We’re not sure that, even if he wins, he can survive four years more - said an official from a European NATO country.

Another EU official said that watching the debate was "painful". According to diplomats speaking to the newspaper "Politico," concerns are raised not so much about Biden's condition but his political position and chances of re-election.

It seems to me that’s going to be very tough for him to pursue his campaign and to stay on - said one of the senior EU diplomats, adding that although replacing the candidate is in the hands of the Democratic Party, it should "consider all options."

U.S. allies are particularly concerned about the security of European countries—especially in connection with a possible Trump victory, who stated that countries not sufficiently funding the alliance would have to fend for themselves.

We’re having more conversations about our own defenses since it looks like Trump is coming back - said a NATO official after the Biden-Trump debate.
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