AutosMysterious road sign baffling drivers on Germany's A9 motorway

Mysterious road sign baffling drivers on Germany's A9 motorway

What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
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Mateusz Domański

6 July 2024 12:22

This sign looks bizarre. Unsurprisingly, drivers are confused when they encounter it on their route. What does the sign that appears in Germany signal? We explain.

In Germany, over 20 million road signs regulate traffic on motorways, federal roads, and within cities. Sometimes, drivers misinterpret individual signs or simply do not know what they signal.

A very unusual black-and-white sign might be the same. Drivers can spot a few of these signs on the A9 motorway between Munich and Ingolstadt.

Only a few know what this sign means.

Unlike most road signs, the so-called orientation signs are not directed at people but at autonomous vehicles. Drivers can, therefore, simply ignore them - emphasises the service.

What does this sign mean? Here's the solution to the mystery

At the same time, it was explained that the symbols placed on the sign allow self-driving cars to determine their location accurately.

Due to their fairly unusual construction, these signs do not resemble traditional StVO signs, and therefore it is very hard to confuse them with other well-known signs to all drivers - it was noted.

The placement of these signs is not accidental. Autonomous vehicles regularly travel on the A9 motorway.

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