HealthMistakes dieters make: Expert tips for effective weight loss

Mistakes dieters make: Expert tips for effective weight loss

What to do to make weight loss effective?
What to do to make weight loss effective?
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30 June 2024 14:13

Why am I not losing weight? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when diet, exercise, and the entire package have failed. Despite increasing awareness about rational nutrition, many people still make mistakes that have ingrained themselves in our consciousness as correct behaviours. What should you not do while dieting? A dietitian explains.

Chris Mohr, PhD, dietitian and fitness and nutrition advisor, explained in an interview with why weight loss is not going as we would like. The specialist listed five of the most common mistakes that sabotage the effort put into shedding extra pounds.

How to lose weight effectively? A dietitian suggests

Chris Mohr directly points out that an effective weight loss plan should be comprehensive and balanced and focused on more than just calorie reduction. The idea is to switch to a balanced diet based on nutritious foods. Staying active is equally important. The dietitian notes that regular physical activity, but most importantly, consistency in exercising we enjoy, will help burn calories, build muscle, and boost metabolism.

It seems clear and straightforward. Nevertheless, it's easy to fall into habits that may seem correct but undermine intended goals. That's why Chris Mohr lists the most common dieting mistakes to avoid.

What mistakes to avoid while dieting? These sabotage your efforts

One of the most common mistakes on the path to weight loss is setting unrealistic goals. Usually, these lead to disappointment and a loss of motivation. The dietitian explains that it's better to aim for an achievable goal and focus on gradual progress. This helps maintain motivation in the long run.

Another mistake is relying on the scale reading. Chris Mohr admits that the scale can be useful for tracking weight loss progress, but it doesn't reflect reality. Why? Even if the scale pointer doesn't move, it may indicate positive weight loss results because muscle gain could offset fat loss. As the specialist advises, consider other progress indicators, such as a drop in blood pressure or better sleep, instead of focusing solely on numbers.

Blindly cutting calories is another common mistake that can sabotage intended goals.

"Simply categorizing foods by calories without concern for nutrients is limiting," says Mohr. "Nuts, salmon and avocados, for example, are wonderfully healthy foods but are also in an ‘eat less often’ color category."
What mistakes should be avoided during weight loss?
What mistakes should be avoided during weight loss?© Pixabay

Avoid these mistakes while dieting

Skipping meals is another mistake that sabotages weight loss results. Forgoing the necessary portion of food for the body's function to save calories can have the opposite effect and cause overeating. Mohr explains that regular, balanced meals containing protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates help control appetite and stabilise blood sugar levels.

In the context of dieting, it's impossible not to mention the calorie deficit. According to Mohr, a common mistake people make while trying to achieve a calorie deficit is limiting protein and fibre intake. He recommends including high-protein products such as eggs, Greek yoghurt, or lean meat and fibre-rich foods such as beans, lentils, and vegetables in the diet.

"Protein and fiber are filling and help maintain muscle mass and digestive health, making it easier to stay within a calorie deficit while feeling full and satisfied" explains the specialist.
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