EntertainmentMistaken identity casts shadow over miss Moscow 2024

Mistaken identity casts shadow over miss Moscow 2024

Mishap in Moscow
Mishap in Moscow
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Jakub Tyszkowski

6 July 2024 16:38

The contest for the most beautiful woman in Moscow ended in scandal. At the most critical moment, a mistake was made, and the crown was given to the wrong person.

In 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine. Since then, daily bombings and rockets have killed innocent people who suddenly found themselves amid war. The destruction of its neighbour does not prevent Russia from holding a beauty contest in the country's capital, Moscow. This year, during the ceremony, there was a significant blunder.

The contest organisers awarded the crown and sash of "Grand Prix of Moscow Beauty" to Shniezana Niedilska. The model paraded amidst the flash of the cameras for a few minutes, then left the stage. At that point, the hosts of the gala realised the terrible mistake. The trophy was supposed to go to Shniezana Wilkowa. The mistake might have been caused by the similarity of the two finalists' first names.

mishap at Miss Moscow 2024

- This is a serious moment, said the ceremony host, previously asking for the music to be turned down. - Unplanned situations happen, for which no one can prepare. We had a similar situation in 2022 during the Miss Moscow contest. Regardless, the title "Grand Prix of Moscow Beauty 2024" goes to Shniezana Wilkowa.

Another awkward moment occurred when the organisers tried to bring Niedilska back on stage. This was impossible because the model had left the hall with the trophy. The role of the mistakenly chosen Miss was then taken up by the winner of another award (since a total of three crowns were given out in different categories), who patiently handed it over to Shniezana Wilkowa.

Beauty contest in Russia shadowed by scandal

Niedilska commented on the situation in a video posted on Instagram: - Today, only miracles happen. We have two nominations and two crowns. Dreams come true - the model said.

The Moscow beauty contest was held for the 29th time. Participants must be under 32 years old, measure more than 170 centimetres, possess "enthusiasm and charm," and showcase some talent.

The title "Miss Moscow 2024" was awarded to 20-year-old Liliana Bulatova. The model is learning English and loves to dance. During the beauty contest, she danced the rumba with her partner.

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