NewsMissile mishap on Sevastopol beach: 150 injured in shelling aftermath

Missile mishap on Sevastopol beach: 150 injured in shelling aftermath

Panic among Russians. Missile fell on the beach
Panic among Russians. Missile fell on the beach
Images source: © Telegram
Sara Bounaoui

24 June 2024 11:14

Recordings have surfaced online following Sunday’s shelling of Sevastopol. The strike by a Russian anti-aircraft interceptor caused one of the ATACMS missiles to veer off course and explode on the beach, injuring 150 people.

A video recorded by a tourist on the beach shows a missile appearing over the nearby city of Sevastopol. Moments later, the missile explodes, and fragments fall onto the sand with a thud.

Two other videos show tourists carrying the injured off the beach using sun loungers. Women are seen trying to provide first aid.

The beach where the missile crashed is located about 10 minutes from Belbek Airport, from which Russia regularly launches fighters that attack civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

Attack on Sevastopol. Russia accuses ukraine

During Sunday’s attack on Sevastopol in Crimea, occupied by Russia, five people were killed. 150 were injured, including 23 children, according to Russian media.

The Russian defence ministry issued a statement claiming that five American ATACMS missiles were used in the attack on Sevastopol. Four of them were intercepted by air defence. The Russian defence ministry also stated that American specialists input the flight data of the ATACMS missiles based on their satellite intelligence, which means the United States is also responsible for the attack on Sevastopol.

However, a strike by a Russian anti-aircraft interceptor caused one of the missiles to veer off course and explode.

Source: The Telegraph, WP Wiadomości

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