NewsMid-air chaos: Turbulence forces emergency landing in Brazil

Mid‑air chaos: Turbulence forces emergency landing in Brazil

Passengers on the plane to Uruguay experienced a nightmare.
Passengers on the plane to Uruguay experienced a nightmare.
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2 July 2024 08:17

Passengers of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner from Spain to Uruguay recall the terrifying moment they experienced during the plane’s turbulence. Many admitted that they thought they would die on the plane. As a result of severe turbulence, as many as 30 people were injured.

The Air Europa plane, flight number UX 045, took off from Madrid Barajas Airport on Monday, 1 July, at 11:27 GMT. It did not reach Uruguay. Due to severe turbulence, the aircraft had to make an emergency landing in the Brazilian city of Natal.

Recordings have surfaced online showing passengers being thrown from their seats into the aisles when strong turbulence struck the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Suddenly the plane started to fall, and we all jumped out of our seats. Those who didn’t have their seat belts on were thrown, and some hit the ceiling. It lasted about 3.5 seconds - said Norys, a Venezuelan woman living in Uruguay, to El Observador.
You were aware that you were falling at great speed. And because of that, you had the feeling that it was the end, that you were going to die. It was like that until we saw on the screen that the plane was starting to rise again - said Juan Pablo, also living in Uruguay, to El Observador.

They were flying a Dreamliner to Uruguay. 20 people ended up in hospital

As Juan Pablo recounts, at least 20 people were taken to Monsenhor Walfredo Gurgel Hospital in Natal. Some sustained fractures, and another 30 people were injured, though they did not require hospitalization.

There was chaos at the airport in Natal. Passengers were stuck there for a good few hours, so they began to report what had happened to them via the X service and criticise Air Europa. No airline representative was on site, so passengers were receiving responses only via emails or social media.

The "New York Post" obtained a statement from Air Europa. According to the airline, "The plane landed without problems, and the passengers who were injured have already received treatment".

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