SportsMelvyn Jaminet axed from squad over racist recording scandal

Melvyn Jaminet axed from squad over racist recording scandal

In the photo: Melvyn Jaminet
In the photo: Melvyn Jaminet
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9 July 2024 10:06

- The first Arab I meet, I'll hit him in the face - said rugby player Melvyn Jaminet in a recording. It was posted on social media by a new member of the French parliament, resulting in the national team player being expelled from the national squad.

France has been highly engaged in the parliamentary elections recently. The final results were announced on Sunday, 7 July. The New People's Front (NFP) secured the most votes in the second round.

Consequently, Sébastien Delogu became a new member of the French parliament. That same Sunday, he published a recording featuring rugby player Melvyn Jaminet.

- My mother asks me if I partied? I swear, the first Arab I meet on the road, I'll hit him in the face. I'm telling you, I'll hit him in the face - were the words spoken by Jaminet in an old recording that has now come to light.
"The comments made by rugby player Melvyn Jaminet are scandalous and must be severely punished by both the French Rugby Federation and the Toulon club," wrote the deputy, who was elected in the first round in his constituency.

The response from the mentioned parties was swift. The French Rugby Federation decided to suspend the player and immediately exclude him from the national squad during matches in South America.

Jaminet's club also condemned his comments and launched an internal investigation. The player himself addressed the offensive remarks.

"I am very sorry and ashamed of my words. I would like to apologize to everyone. I understand that it might have hurt and offended many people, and I want to say that these comments in no way reflect my values or the values of the French rugby team. Racism, in all its forms, is unacceptable and goes against everything I believe in. (...) I understand the FFR's sanction and I am at their disposal to shed light on this matter," the Frenchman conveyed via his official Instagram account.
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