LifestyleMelania's increasing distance: Will she skip the White House?

Melania's increasing distance: Will she skip the White House?

Melania Trump is increasingly distancing herself from her husband
Melania Trump is increasingly distancing herself from her husband
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25 June 2024 19:06, updated: 25 June 2024 19:19

Donald Trump is once again running for the presidency of the United States. In the ongoing campaign, his wife is notably less involved. This has not escaped the notice of experts, who speculate that Melania may not move to the White House if Trump wins. The former first lady is increasingly distancing herself from her husband.

The presidential campaign in the United States is gaining momentum. Donald Trump, who lost the battle to current President Joe Biden in 2020, is once again vying for the highest office in the country.

Melania Trump has also found herself in the media spotlight, with observers noting her rare appearances alongside her husband. Experts cited by sources like the "Daily Mail" speculate that if Trump wins, Melania may choose not to relocate to the White House.

Increasing distance of Melania

Experts interviewed by the American news service Axios stated that if Donald Trump becomes president again, Melania may split her time between Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, and New York City, where the couple's son, Barron, will likely study. She would appear in Washington only for important ceremonies.

Similarly, Kate Andersen Brower, an author of books about first ladies and the White House, told Axios that Melania Trump hated and still hates Washington, DC. She also allegedly started distancing herself from her husband following the widely publicised trial regarding the falsification of business records to cover up hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

"She's distancing herself even more from her husband and from the Washington social-political scene," Brower commented. She believes recent months provide evidence of this.

"Melania does what Melania wants"

Mary Jordan, an editor affiliated with the "Washington Post" and author of a book on Melania Trump, stated that "Melania does what Melania wants." Jordan remarked that this is a "standout in history from any other first lady" as her role was neither elected nor compensated.

Jordan added that with the experiences from Trump's previous term, Melania could now secure a better and more qualified staff than before. "Now having seen how this works, she would just be wiser and she would be more vocal and more demanding about what the first lady's office should get," Jordan commented.

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