NewsLorry crash near Kano claims 25 lives and injures 54

Lorry crash near Kano claims 25 lives and injures 54

A great tragedy in Nigeria. 25 killed
A great tragedy in Nigeria. 25 killed
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Maciej Zubel

2 July 2024 08:21

A tragedy occurred on Monday morning on a road near the city of Kano in northern Nigeria. A lorry carrying people, cows, goats, and sheep collided with another vehicle. Twenty-five people died, and fifty-four were injured.

The accident happened on a busy section of the road near the Dangwaro International Market. Preliminary findings by local police suggest that the lorry driver was at fault. The list of charges against him is extensive.

The driver was primarily speeding excessively, not adjusting to the road conditions, and driving dangerously, all while fully aware that the lorry was overloaded.

The excessive weight significantly contributed to the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Ibrahim Abdullahi from the local police confirmed that twenty-five people died in the accident. Abdullahi did not specify how many people and animals were travelling in the lorry or how many of them died. Reports generally state that cows, goats, and sheep were transported with the people.

The lorry also carried goods, including six motorcycles and sacks of maize.

Nigeria. Dozens killed in a single accident

Local police appeal to drivers for caution and warn against Africa's dangerous yet widespread practice of transporting animals and goods together with people.

This is yet another tragic accident that has occurred in the Kano area in recent days. Last Friday, fourteen people died in another accident when a speeding car drove into a group of Muslims praying at the roadside.

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