LifestyleLightly pickled cucumbers in minutes: Simple zip-lock bag recipe

Lightly pickled cucumbers in minutes: Simple zip‑lock bag recipe

A great trick will allow you to quickly prepare lightly salted cucumbers
A great trick will allow you to quickly prepare lightly salted cucumbers
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26 June 2024 20:57

Lightly pickled cucumbers are one of the favourite delicacies. We suggest how to quickly enjoy their taste without the need to prepare a complicated brine. All you need is a few spices and a zip-lock bag.

Green cucumbers appear at stalls and in home gardens at the end of June and July. Many homemakers begin preparing cucumber preserves for autumn and winter during this time.

Lightly pickled cucumbers are very popular and are great for sandwiches, soups, or salads, although their enthusiasts enjoy crunching them as is. It may seem that their preparation is quite tedious, but nothing could be further from the truth. We suggest preparing them literally in a few moments and quickly enjoying their taste.

A quick way to prepare lightly pickled cucumbers. No brine needed

To quickly prepare lightly pickled cucumbers, you need about 1 kilogram of green, fresh cucumbers. It is good to choose small ones with lighter skin. You also need 5 cloves of garlic, 2 sprigs of dill, 2 pieces of horseradish root, 2 bay leaves, salt, and mustard seeds.

Importantly, with this method, you don't need pots to prepare the brine or jars, which further speeds up the whole process.

How to make lightly pickled cucumbers in a bag?

First, the green cucumbers should be rinsed thoroughly. You can put them in a bowl, pour running water over them, and leave them for about an hour. Then, cut off the ends and dry the vegetables thoroughly.

The next step is to put the cucumbers in zip-lock bags and add the dill, garlic cloves sliced into rings, and pieces of horseradish. Pour a tablespoon of salt and mustard seeds into each bag, and add the bay leaves. Close the bag and shake it vigorously so the cucumbers are well covered with salt and mustard seeds.

Then, put the bags in the fridge for four hours and set aside in a dark place for about 24 hours (although it can be a little longer). The lightly pickled cucumbers are ready. You can eat this snack immediately or store it in the fridge for up to three days.

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