LifestyleLavender care in July: How to keep your garden blooming

Lavender care in July: How to keep your garden blooming

Lavender very often appears in home gardens.
Lavender very often appears in home gardens.
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Aleksandra Lewandowska

3 July 2024 16:14, updated: 4 July 2024 07:39

Lavender often appears in home gardens, adding beautiful decoration and having very positive effects on the nervous system. Remember to care for it in July to ensure it grows as best as possible.

The spring-summer season is when we particularly care for our gardens. Some of us focus on cultivating fruits and vegetables, while others prefer plants and flowers that enhance the charm of our gardens. If lavender is among your plants, you must remember that July (or the beginning of August) is the time for pruning.

Lavender requires pruning

Lavender needs regular pruning to stay rejuvenated. Garden owners with lavender should prune it during spring and summer. If necessary—if it grows too much—this procedure can also be applied in autumn.

However, the most crucial pruning for lavender takes place in summer, in July or early August. Now, you should focus mainly on removing faded inflorescences and leafless stems. This will stimulate blooming and encourage the plant to thicken.

How to prune lavender?

Lavender prefers to be pruned into a ball shape. A sharp pruner is best for achieving the perfect cut. Otherwise, the cut stems can become frayed and damaged. Ideally, lavender should be pruned by one-third of its height.

During pruning, first remove old and dry stems. When shaping the shrub, aim to cut as close to the new buds as possible but never below the green shoots. If you cut below the green shoots, lavender will not regrow from the old stems.

Remember, lavender is a plant worth having in the garden. Its intense aroma is calming, reduces stress, soothes nerves, and helps with falling asleep.

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