LifestyleLamine Yamal: The football prodigy from Mataro inspiring Spain

Lamine Yamal: The football prodigy from Mataro inspiring Spain

Lamine Yamal is a forward for the Spanish club FC Barcelona.
Lamine Yamal is a forward for the Spanish club FC Barcelona.
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10 July 2024 16:41

Lamine Yamal - this name is being mentioned everywhere after the Spain vs. France match. Where does the young goal scorer, who secured Spain’s advancement to the finals of the European Championship, come from?

The Spain vs. France match was full of excitement, much of which was brought by the 17-year-old goal scorer, Lamine Yamal. The rising star of the Spanish national team comes from a charming seaside town, Mataro, regarded as a suburb of Barcelona. What can this place offer to tourists?

Spanish gem

Mataro is a city in Catalonia on the Mediterranean Sea. The yacht marina is considered the most important in the region, and the promenade, running parallel to the sandy beach, is just one of the many tourist attractions this seaside town offers.

Numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants line the promenade, making it the region's entertainment hub. Playa del Varador is the most popular choice among beachgoers, who are attracted by its sandy beach and crystal-clear sea.

What to visit in Mataro?

In addition to entertainment and natural beauty, the Spanish city is renowned for its rich history, dating back to ancient Roman times, with traces still visible today. 16th-century walls surround the old town centre. At its heart lies a true gem of Gothic architecture, the church of Santa Maria. The city's symbol is considered to be the modernist building designed by Catalan architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Casa Coll i Regàs.

Santa Maria Church
Santa Maria Church© Adobe Stock

Lovers of history and culture should visit the Mataro Museum. Additionally, the Can Llauder villa, an archaeological site preserved in exceptionally good condition, is worth seeing.

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