SportsLamine Yamal shines as Euro's youngest star, guided by father's wisdom

Lamine Yamal shines as Euro's youngest star, guided by father's wisdom

Mounir Nasraoui and Lamine Yamal in a joint photo.
Mounir Nasraoui and Lamine Yamal in a joint photo.
Images source: © Instagram | Mounir Nasraoui
Sebastian Szczytkowski

1 July 2024 22:16

At 16, Lamine Yamal became the youngest footballer in the history of the European Championships. During Euro 2024, the athlete is accompanied by his father, Mounir Nasraoui. He gave his son personal advice that caused quite a stir.

Lamine Yamal is with other Spanish representatives in Germany. At the age of 16 years and 338 days, he became the youngest debutant in the history of the European Championships. Lamine Yamal is accompanied by his father, who supported his son in the stadium, including the 4-1 victory against Georgia.

Mounir Nasraoui, Lamine Yamal's father, gained popularity on Instagram. His account is followed by 116,000 people, mainly because he shares photos with the FC Barcelona and Spain national team players. The Moroccan enjoys the spotlight of the young athlete's fame.

Father and son have a good rapport. They talk not only about football but also about personal matters. Mounir Nasraoui convinced his son to marry the woman he loves no earlier than after his 26th birthday. The young footballer does not intend to decide against his father's belief.

I plan to marry when I turn 26. I am sure of that. Recently, a girl approached me in an elevator, asked for a photo, and then my phone number - we read the youthful statement of Lamine Yamal on the portal

Most likely, Mounir Nasraoui is basing his advice on personal experience because he faced adulthood early. He is 32 years old, so he was a teenager when Lamine was born. The Moroccan and his wife, Sheila Ebana, also have two more children - the FC Barcelona footballer has a younger brother and sister.

For now, Lamine Yamal is focusing on his development in adult football and his education. As a teenager, he could become a European champion. Spain is doing well in the tournament at the German stadiums and will play against Germany in the highly anticipated quarter-final.

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