NewsLake Garda mayor drinks lake water to quell poisoning fears

Lake Garda mayor drinks lake water to quell poisoning fears

The mayor reassures tourists by drinking water from Lake Garda.
The mayor reassures tourists by drinking water from Lake Garda.
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4 July 2024 17:29

In Torri del Benaco, a picturesque town on Lake Garda, there have been hundreds of cases of poisoning. Locals and tourists reported symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. In response to the crisis, the authorities temporarily banned water use for drinking and food preparation. Now, the mayor is reassuring tourists by drinking water from Lake Garda.

Recently, there was an outbreak of gastrointestinal infections in Torri del Benaco. Residents and tourists complained of gastrointestinal symptoms, with some also experiencing severe cramps and fever. Within just a few days, several hundred people with severe symptoms sought treatment at local hospitals. In response to these events, local authorities decided to ban drinking water use. Residents and tourists were supplied with bottled water.

Italy. The mayor drank water from Lake Garda

Meanwhile, the mayor of Brenzone, Paolo Formaggioni, decided to reassure tourists unusually by showing that the lake's water is safe. During a public appearance, he drank a glass of water directly from the lake, ending his gesture with a toast of "cheers!" The recording quickly went viral on social media.

Formaggioni emphasised that despite Brenzone's proximity to Torri del Benaco, no cases of infections had been reported in his town. He believes that the media, especially the German media, unnecessarily caused panic, which negatively affected the tourism industry in the region.

Many false or exaggerated reports about this situation were spread, causing unnecessary concern - said the mayor.

"The water from our lake is clean"

To dispel any doubts, Formaggioni, along with other mayors from the region, took part in a crisis meeting organised by the mayor of Torri del Benaco, Stefano Nicotra. At the meeting, the results of water samples taken from the lake were discussed, and no harmful bacteria were found.

Analysis of water samples taken from the lake was negative. The health status of those affected is quickly improving, as confirmed by local health services. We are still waiting for the results of new tests, but everything indicates that the situation is returning to normal. The water from our lake is clean - confirmed Formaggioni.

The mayor's gesture aimed to reassure residents and show tourists that the region remains safe. The water from Lake Garda is regularly monitored and meets all quality standards, which Formaggioni emphasised emphatically with his action.

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