EntertainmentKate Beckinsale reveals harrowing hospital stay after family tragedy

Kate Beckinsale reveals harrowing hospital stay after family tragedy

Kate Beckinsale reveals why she had to go to the hospital
Kate Beckinsale reveals why she had to go to the hospital
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Magdalena Drozdek

10 July 2024 12:06

Kate Beckinsale was hospitalised for six weeks. The actress didn’t want to disclose exactly why she needed sudden medical care, but now she has finally revealed what happened to her.

Kate Beckinsale is primarily associated with the “Underworld” series, which ensured her recognition for many years. Recently, the actress has not been playing in big Hollywood productions. In 2023, viewers could watch her in the film “Fool's Paradise,” which probably few people have heard of. However, Beckinsale is very active on social media, followed by over 5 million users. A few months ago, she announced that she had been hospitalised. What happened to her?

Kate Beckinsale on her hospital stay

On 11th March, the actress informed her followers that she had been hospitalised. Disturbing photos of the star from the hospital bed began circulating on social media. “Kate appears to be very strong but this has been incredibly hard and, given that she lost her father so young, is affecting her very deeply. Her friends are concerned for her own health,” cited “Daily Mail” from its source.

For a long time, the actress refrained from explanations. Now, she has stopped being silent on the matter—provoked by a hate comment. In a comment section under a video where she appeared in a skimpy pink outfit revealing a lot of skin, someone straightforwardly told her to exercise because she had lost her buttocks.

“Actually, I watched my stepfather die quite shockingly, my mother has stage 4 cancer, and I lost a lot of weight from stress and grief, quite quickly,” the actress wrote. “And then I was in hospital for six weeks because the grief had burned a hole in my oesophagus which made me vomit copious amounts of blood, and I found eating very hard and I just worked very very hard on a movie that was actually quite triggering because it also involved the theme of the death of my father,” she poured out. So l'm not really concerned about what you think about my [bottom]. Maybe you should worry about your own,” she retorted.

In the summer of 2023, Kate Beckinsale’s stepfather, Roy Battersby, was diagnosed with two cancers. He died on 10th January 2024. She was very connected to him. Roy replaced her biological father, whom she lost when she was 5 years old. Recently, the actress learned that her mum is also seriously ill with cancer.

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