NewsKamala Harris emerges as top contender amid Biden health concerns

Kamala Harris emerges as top contender amid Biden health concerns

A woman to replace Biden? A surname has been mentioned
A woman to replace Biden? A surname has been mentioned
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Maciej Zubel

2 July 2024 23:43

Within the Democratic Party, there is an ongoing discussion about Joe Biden's health and his potential decision not to seek a second term in the White House. During the debate about who could replace Biden in the electoral race, the name of a woman with whom Biden closely collaborates is frequently mentioned.

The topic of changing the Democratic Party's candidate surfaced after the dismal performance of 81-year-old Biden in the first televised debate. He faced off against Trump with a hoarse voice, spoke quietly, seemed lost at times, and lost his train of thought during some of his remarks.

Although Biden declared just a day after the debate that he had no intention of withdrawing from the race, the discussion about his successor has begun.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kamala Harris, who has served as the Vice President of the United States for the past four years, is the most natural candidate to replace Biden.

The newspaper notes that, although Harris is not highly rated in polls, she enjoys support from key Democratic voter groups - women and African Americans. According to the "WSJ", ignoring the first black woman in such a high position would anger a significant portion of Democratic Party activists and their supporters.

- She is ready to be president (...). I would be furious if someone tried to bypass the Vice President - said the head of African American Democratic activists in Michigan, Keith Williams, in an interview with the "Wall Street Journal".

Jim Clyburn, one of the longest-serving Democratic Party activists and leader of black Congress members, expressed a similar sentiment.

Kamala Harris for Biden? The vice president remains silent

Since the unfortunate debate, Harris has spoken to journalists several times. She also spoke at election rallies. Each time, she defended Biden, arguing that one poor performance should not affect the evaluation of his many years of work.

In addition to Harris, the list of potential successors to Biden in the race to the White House includes the names of several other prominent Democratic Party politicians. These include California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro.

Newsom and Whitmer have already publicly supported Biden and condemned calls for his resignation.

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