NewsJill Biden defends husband amid mounting debate criticism

Jill Biden defends husband amid mounting debate criticism

Biden-Trump debate. Jill Biden congratulated her husband
Biden-Trump debate. Jill Biden congratulated her husband
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Mateusz Domański

28 June 2024 08:02

Jill Biden spoke out just after the debate of the US presidential candidates, in which her husband Joe Biden, according to many commentators, lost to Donald Trump. She did not hide that she was proud of her husband. The recording is spreading online because the reason for her pride surprised some observers.

Biden and Trump clashed in the early hours from Friday to Saturday Greenwich Time. According to many commentators, it was evident that the 81-year-old Biden is showing his age. Some observers, even members of the Democratic Party, claim that the incumbent president performed so poorly that he should withdraw from the race for the White House.

After the debate, President Biden's wife, Jill Biden, spoke out. The First Lady did not address the criticisms in any way. Instead, she was delighted that Biden answered all the questions.

You answered every question, you knew all the facts. And let me ask the crowd: What did Trump do? Lie - said Jill Biden.

The First Lady's words were picked up by some observers, especially from the opposing camp. They imply that answering all questions is nothing extraordinary, just the duty of a presidential debate participant.

"Probably not a good idea to have Jill Biden talk to Biden like he’s a toddler on national television after the performance he just had," commented Peter Henlein, an Iraq war veteran, on X.

After the debate, Jill Biden also posted a short video on her platform X account. In it, she assured that her husband spoke straight from the heart.

Tonight on stage, you heard his heart. He wakes up every morning thinking about how he can improve the lives of Americans. He is the president. We need a president you deserve - said the First Lady of the USA.

Biden-Trump debate. Criticisms rain down on both candidates

The newspaper "The New York Times" reports that after the debate, there was unrest within the Democratic Party. Biden, "NYT" writes, only fuelled concerns that at age 81, he is not fit to hold the office of President of the United States.

Criticisms are also raining down on Trump. Although he was widely considered the winner of the debate, many observers write that it was the worst debate in history because, on one side, there was an ageing Biden, and on the other, Trump, who continuously lied and spread disinformation. The US presidential elections will take place on 5 November.

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