HealthIs giving up beer the secret to better health? Experts weigh in

Is giving up beer the secret to better health? Experts weigh in

Giving up beer brings many benefits
Giving up beer brings many benefits
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4 July 2024 11:02

Many people believe drinking one or two beers a week has no negative impact on health. However, studies show that even small amounts of this beverage can be harmful. Are you wondering what happens when you give up beer for a month?

Doctors believe there is no such thing as a safe dose of alcohol. It affects not only our cognitive functions but also our health. Numerous studies prove that regular alcohol consumption gradually destroys the liver, disrupts the functions of the cardiovascular system, brain, stomach, and kidneys, and also increases the risk of cancer.

It’s not just about strong alcohol but also about beer. Fans of this drink often don't realise that even occasionally drinking one bottle can have adverse health effects.

Give up beer. Weight loss will come quickly

Beer is high in calories compared to other beverages. Additionally, drinking beer increases appetite, which leads to reaching for salty and fatty snacks and barbecue dishes. This combination can be deadly for even the most restrictive diet. Giving up beer helps people who are overweight and obese regain the proper body mass.

A possible solution that can help us give up this drink is switching to non-alcoholic beers. They are devoid of many harmful compounds and have significantly fewer calories, supporting the weight reduction process.

Your pancreas will thank you for giving up beer

Beer, especially flavoured, adversely affects the pancreas. This issue mainly concerns one group of people. It is essential for people with diabetes and insulin resistance. Beer has a high glycaemic index, which forces the pancreas to produce insulin intensively.

As explained in an interview with WP by dietitian Kinga Głaszewska, a growing problem is the emergence of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, or SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). Beer is not recommended for patients who complain of these ailments due to the fermentation process. Its consumption can exacerbate symptoms.

Even people without intestinal problems may notice that drinking beer causes bloating, a sign of gut microbiota disorders. This can lead to the so-called “beer belly”. This effect is undesirable for many people. Therefore, a month without beer will help reduce abdominal circumference.

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