NewsInternational coal prices fall in June

International coal prices fall in June

In a few years, changes in coal trading will come into effect.
In a few years, changes in coal trading will come into effect.
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Przemysław Ciszak

5 July 2024 19:29

According to a report by the Industrial Development Agency, price declines were prevalent on international coal markets in June. This was due to a decrease in orders from China and India. Heavy rains in Asia have led to a significant increase in hydroelectric energy production, reducing coal demand.

"In the international coal market in June, sentiments were markedly different from those that dominated in May. Throughout the reviewed month, a downward trend emerged in the main spot markets for high-energy coal," the report stated.

IDA reports that demand for spot cargoes in June was weak in both the Atlantic region and the Asia-Pacific region.

"Moreover, greater revitalisation of Asian demand in the spot markets is expected with the end of the summer monsoon and, consequently, the cessation of heavy rains. These already started in April in southern China, as a result of which hydroelectric energy production has significantly increased in the country," it reads.

Additionally, as reported by Reuters in June, China is preparing for even more rainfall in July and August as the "wet phase" of the East Asian monsoon occurs.

"Due to the intensifying circulation of the summer monsoon, there has also been a decline in interest in spot offers from the world's second-largest coal importer after China, which is India," it mentioned.

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