LifestyleHurricane Beryl threatens Jamaica, devastation expected

Hurricane Beryl threatens Jamaica, devastation expected

A dangerous element is prowling near the tourist islands.
A dangerous element is prowling near the tourist islands.
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3 July 2024 19:39

A destructive natural disaster has devastated the southeastern part of the Caribbean and is expected to reach Jamaica in the coming hours. The situation is dire. Tourist organisations have issued appeals to tourists.

At least seven people have been killed due to Hurricane Beryl passing through the southeastern Caribbean. On Tuesday afternoon local time, the hurricane was about 205 kilometres southeast of Isla Beata in the Dominican Republic.

The wind was blowing at a speed of 249 kilometres per hour and was moving northwest at 35 kilometres per hour. - What worries us the most is Jamaica, as we expect the eye of the powerful hurricane to pass near or over the island - said Michael Brennan, director of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) at the time.

The destructive hurricane is getting closer

On social media yesterday, July 2, photos were shared showing how residents of Jamaica are preparing for the arrival of the destructive disaster. Locals lined up in long queues in front of shops to buy water supplies, and business owners boarded up windows and shopfronts to prevent the disaster from destroying their property.

On Wednesday, July 3, at around 4 AM GMT, the hurricane was about 299 kilometres southeast of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. The wind was blowing at 230 kilometres per hour at that time. Beryl had already weakened from the highest fifth to the fourth category on the Saffir-Simpson scale, which does not change the fact that it can still cause significant devastation.

The NHC's concerns about what will happen in Jamaica are warranted. The strongest impact of the hurricane in Jamaica is expected at 2 PM GMT. At this point, offices and the international airport in Montego Bay have already been closed.

  • Residents of Jamaica are preparing for the worst
  • The windows of the Subway premises boarded up
[1/2] Residents of Jamaica are preparing for the worstImages source: © PAP | Rudolph Brown

Warnings for tourists

The fear and terror currently felt by tourists in Jamaica are completely understandable. The situation is dynamic.

Tourist organisations emphasise that the Jamaican government and the tourism industry know how to behave in such a challenging situation. They appeal to guests staying in hotels to follow the instructions given by the staff. "We strongly recommend that all visitors remain in safe places," states the Jamaica Tourist Board in its communication.

It also reminds tourists to always have their passports, cash, and all necessary documents. It is also handy to have digital copies of these documents on your phone or tablet. Additionally, it is advisable to pack medicines in a small bag with documents in case evacuation is necessary.

The hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean occurs every year from June 1 to November 30.

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