TechHow to save on fuel costs during your holiday road trip

How to save on fuel costs during your holiday road trip

A car journey
A car journey
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26 June 2024 09:43

Rising fuel prices are compelling us to find ways to save. We suggest minimising expenses during a holiday trip with your car so as not to strain your budget too much.

How to drive economically?

When planning a holiday by car, be aware of the high fuel costs. Such an expense can significantly impact your holiday budget. Therefore, it is worth finding ways to reduce vehicle operation costs.

Here are some solutions that will not only help you save but will also reduce fuel consumption. Properly preparing for the trip can help you avoid many unforeseen situations, such as long traffic jams, which waste fuel and time and cause stress.

How to be economical on the road?

We have tested these methods many times during our travels. Now, we share them with you so you can save and reach your destination calmly and without unnecessary stress. Here is our list:

Check the route before departure: Before you set off, verify the route to avoid surprises related to road works, traffic jams, or route changes.

Consider alternatives: Check other routes. Even if the trip may take longer, you can save on tolls. The route adjustment feature in Google Maps can be helpful here.

Plan the departure time: Choose a departure time when traffic is minimal to avoid traffic jams. Most people travel at 12:00, so it's worth leaving in the morning.

Plan stops and refuelling: Choose rest and refuelling spots away from motorways to save on fuel and rest peacefully.

Thanks to these solutions, your trip will be more economical, and you can enjoy a calm journey to your long-awaited holiday.

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