TechHow to revive your remote: A simple hack with aluminium foil

How to revive your remote: A simple hack with aluminium foil

A dead battery in the remote control is not a problem for me.
A dead battery in the remote control is not a problem for me.
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4 July 2024 14:23

Batteries are an essential component of our home electrical devices. It's always a good idea to have a spare pack to replace them when the current ones run out. However, batteries often stop working at the least expected moment. We have a solution for that.

Batteries in remote controls most often stop working at the least expected moment. Many people start taking out the batteries or shaking the device, but these methods are ineffective. Here’s how you can quickly replace the batteries without an immediate trip to the shop for new ones.

What is a battery and what is it used for?

A battery is nothing more than a galvanic cell, an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Thanks to this, our remote controls and other battery-operated devices can function without being plugged into an outlet. The operation of a battery is based on two poles: positive (+) and negative (-). Therefore, it is essential to insert the battery correctly according to the poles to ensure the device operates properly.

Many people confuse batteries with accumulators, but they are different devices. Accumulators are reusable and can be recharged, which is impossible with regular batteries. How is electricity generated in a battery? Energy is released from the "+" pole and returns through the "-" pole. The current in a battery is only 1.5 volts and does not pose a threat to us, unlike 230 volts from a wall outlet in the UK. Therefore, we can find a way to replace the batteries without purchasing new ones.

Do we always need new batteries?

When the remote control stops working and you don’t have time to go shopping, there is an alternative way. Just reach into the kitchen for aluminium foil, which has many uses around the house. Besides keeping food warm and cleaning dirty surfaces, it can temporarily replace used-up batteries. How does it work?

Roll a piece of aluminium foil into the shape of a battery and then insert it into the remote control. The foil must touch the metal springs in the device. This way, the remote control will start working without buying new batteries. This method will work for a while but will not wholly replace standard batteries in the long term.

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