LifestyleHow to keep your garden wood looking new: Expert tips and tricks

How to keep your garden wood looking new: Expert tips and tricks

If you have wooden furniture in your garden, make sure to take proper care of their protection.
If you have wooden furniture in your garden, make sure to take proper care of their protection.
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Paulina Antoniak

24 June 2024 14:48

Wooden garden elements, such as furniture and decorations, add charm and natural beauty. Unfortunately, this beauty can quickly fade if not properly maintained. The colour of the wood can change due to weather conditions. Therefore, using a wood preservative is crucial.

UV radiation is one of the main factors causing the change in wood colour. While the sun provides life to our plants, it is relentless on wood. UV rays lead to the decomposition of lignin, which is responsible for the structural stability and colour of the wood.

To prevent yellowing and darkening, use wood preservatives with UV filters. These specialist products create a protective barrier that blocks harmful radiation, preserving the wood's natural colour for longer. Some preservatives available on the market guarantee up to 12 years of protection.

Moisture and temperature changes

Moisture and temperature fluctuations also affect the appearance of wooden elements. Moisture can lead to the development of mould and fungi, which change the colour of the wood, causing it to grey or darken.

Temperature fluctuations cause the wood to swell and shrink, leading to the formation of micro-cracks. These micro-cracks eventually fill with dirt, contributing to the colour change.

Wood preservative protects against moisture penetration and minimise the effects of temperature changes, helping to maintain the wood's original colour.

Air pollution

Air pollutants, such as dust, soot, and various chemicals, can settle on the surface of wood, leading to its yellowing and darkening. Wooden garden elements are particularly vulnerable to these pollutants, especially if they are located near busy streets or industrial areas.

Wood preservative creates a protective layer that hinders the deposition of pollutants and makes cleaning the surface easier, helping the wood maintain its original appearance for longer.

Cleaning and maintenance

Regularly cleaning and maintaining wooden garden elements are crucial to maintaining their colour. Dirt and dust, if not regularly removed, can contribute to the change in wood colour. It's best to use a soft brush and mild detergents that won't damage the surface.

After thorough cleaning, it's worth applying a new preservative layer to refresh the protection against harmful factors. Regularly using wood preservatives prevents yellowing and darkening and extends the lifespan of wooden elements.

Long-lasting protection

The colour change of wooden garden elements, such as furniture and decorations, can be effectively combated. Regularly using a preservative with UV filters, hydrophobic properties, and pollution protection can significantly extend the beauty and durability of wooden elements.

With proper care and maintenance, your wooden furniture and decorations will delight the eye for many years and serve as a beautiful and durable decoration for any garden.

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