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How to keep your garden paving stones weed-free safely

Paving stone is one of the most frequently chosen materials that "beautify" yards.
Paving stone is one of the most frequently chosen materials that "beautify" yards.
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23 June 2024 18:14

Paving stones are one of the most commonly chosen materials to "beautify" gardens. Although they add elegance and style, they have one significant drawback: unwanted weeds and moss often appear in the gaps between the blocks. We suggest how to combat them effectively.

Paving stones are relatively inexpensive. Laying the surface is not complicated, and the final result often exceeds our expectations. Unfortunately, weeds sometimes appear in the gaps between the blocks, and the surface becomes covered with moss.

Why do moss and weeds appear on paving stones?

Moss and weeds prefer shaded and moist places, often covering the spaces between paving stones. We should thoroughly drain the surface just before laying the rocks to prevent their appearance. This way, the ground will not be so moist, and weeds will not want to develop.

Individual weeds or moss will not be a big problem. However, if they begin to grow intensively on the stones, it can lead to the surface becoming loose and shifting. The reason for this is the growing roots.

This is how you get rid of moss and weeds

Vinegar and herbicides are excellent at removing moss and weeds. Unfortunately, these methods have drawbacks.

People who have not previously handled herbicides should not use them. They are based on powerful chemicals, which, if misused, can do more harm than good. This concerns both our health and the condition of the lawn and surrounding plants. A slight breeze is enough for the product to transfer to the lawn or flowers, where herbicides will irreversibly damage them. Similarly, with vinegar, if the solution drips on the grass, it will burn it to the roots.

Fortunately, there is another safer and equally effective method. It involves pouring boiling water over the paving stones. The hot water will damage the weeds down to the roots. Pour it on the pavement and then scrub it with a stiff-bristled brush. There will be no trace of weeds and moss. However, remember that this method requires precision because severe burns are risky. Ensure no person or animal is around the paving stones during the procedure.

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