LifestyleHow to keep your garden green: Expert tips for hot summers

How to keep your garden green: Expert tips for hot summers

Perform the "screwdriver test"
Perform the "screwdriver test"
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10 July 2024 15:07

Over thirty-two degrees, the heat is taking its toll. High temperatures and rare rainfalls cause plants in the garden to start wilting visibly. Vegetable and flower beds and the lawn need regular watering. How can you take good care of them during the hot months?

Every greenery enthusiast probably knows how important proper plant care is. Regular watering should be maintained all year round, especially in the summer when the thermometers often show over 32 degrees Celsius. The scorching sun and rare rainfall cause shrubs, plants, and lawns to turn yellow. If you're wondering when it's best to water, the screwdriver test is handy.

Stick a screwdriver into the soil

It's not always clear when to water the lawn. If you often have doubts about this, try a simple trick used by gardeners: Take a screwdriver and decisively drive it into the ground.

The lawn is perfectly hydrated if the tool effortlessly goes down to a depth of 15 to 18 centimetres. On the other hand, if the screwdriver stops higher and cannot penetrate the soil, it is too dry and needs watering.

When should you water the garden?

During heatwaves, the lawn needs special care. Before grabbing a watering can or garden hose, it's worth knowing the best time for watering. During heatwaves, it's best to water the garden early in the morning or late in the afternoon after the sun has set.

Do not water the lawn in full sun; it will quickly evaporate before it has time to hydrate the roots. Additionally, water droplets on leaves can focus sunlight like lenses, which can burn the grass. On hot days, water the lawn thrice daily, remembering that lawns facing south require more water than those facing north.

Don't feel like watering the lawn with a hose? Invest in automatic sprinklers, especially if you have a large area to water. Some models can be programmed to turn on early in the morning while you are still sleeping. Also, remember that it's better to limit mowing to a minimum during heatwaves because the mower further heats the grass.

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