LifestyleHow to cut rising energy bills: Essential home efficiency tips

How to cut rising energy bills: Essential home efficiency tips

Never put this kind of food in the fridge / illustrative photo
Never put this kind of food in the fridge / illustrative photo
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Aleksandra Lewandowska

23 June 2024 18:28

How can we save on electricity at home? It turns out that it’s not that difficult at all. You just need to follow a few rules to reduce your electricity consumption and also know which appliances are worth unplugging.

High inflation and partial remote work have caused Britons to receive increasingly higher electricity bills. Although we can't do more to pay less, we often forget about fundamental issues that can help us save a bit. Among them, for example, is putting still-warm food in the refrigerator.

How to save on electricity?

So, how do we limit energy consumption? There are probably as many ways to save on electricity as there are people. However, to pay less, adhere to the few rules below.

  1. Replace halogens with dimmable LED bulbs. According to the analysis by the National Energy Conservation Agency for the Polish Committee of Electrical Energy, electricity consumption can decrease by as much as 72%.
  2. Do not put hot or warm food in the refrigerator. If you do, you should know that the fridge increases energy consumption, translating to higher bills.
  3. Dry your hair as briefly as possible. Firstly, long hair drying is not healthy for your hair. Secondly, you use a lot of electricity. Shorter hair drying can reduce electricity consumption by up to 9%.
  4. Don’t wash at high temperatures. The heater will consume less energy this way.
  5. Make sure devices are not in "standby" mode. A laptop that is not turned off and unplugged but just closed still uses a lot of electricity.

Which appliances consume the most electricity?

According to the ranking presented by Energa, the ten appliances that consume the most electricity are:

  1. electric stove,
  2. induction stove,
  3. electric boiler,
  4. kettle,
  5. dishwasher,
  6. refrigerator,
  7. clothes dryer,
  8. lighting,
  9. desktop computer,
  10. TV and home theatre.
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