Tips&TricksHow a thorough gas stove cleaning can cut your utility bills

How a thorough gas stove cleaning can cut your utility bills

Now the gas cooker generates no costs and runs smoothly.
Now the gas cooker generates no costs and runs smoothly.
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24 June 2024 13:54

Gas stoves remain a common feature in many households, yet we often overlook the operational costs they incur. Despite the lack of awareness, small components like igniters can contribute to unnecessary gas wastage. How do we keep the burners of a gas stove clean?

We frequently neglect the regular cleaning of gas stoves, which is a significant oversight. Given that we use them daily, minor faults and accumulated grime can lead to financial losses over time. This straightforward tip can help prevent burners from consuming more gas than necessary.

Home methods for cleaning burners in a gas stove

Burner nozzles blocked with food debris are a common yet unnoticed issue. Regularly cleaning these surfaces can result in lower gas bills, even if the cooking frequency remains unchanged. So, how do we clean the burners and reduce costs?

Thorough cleaning of the gas stove involves removing the igniters and grates. Before starting, turn off the stove and wait until it has thoroughly cooled. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the top layer of dirt from the burners. Now it's time to unclog the burners, a crucial step for ensuring their proper function.

Sometimes, the nozzles are heavily blocked, requiring deft handling to restore full functionality. The simplest method involves using a copper wire to clear any blockages. Simply remove the burners and carefully clear them with the wire.

How to clean a gas stove?

Once the burners are clean, proceed to clean other stove components. Dried dirt and grease negatively affect the stove’s efficiency and increase operational costs. Start with the stove grates, which often require some detergent.

Instead of commercial cleaning agents, consider soaking the grates in hot water with baking soda. After three hours, the dirt should come off quickly. Meanwhile, use a ball of aluminium foil and a mixture of baking soda and water to scrub the stove’s surface, which also needs refreshing. Finally, reassemble all the cleaned parts and observe the reduction in your bills.

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