NewsGermany mourns after brutal park assault leaves young man dead

Germany mourns after brutal park assault leaves young man dead

Germany honours a 20-year-old of Polish descent who was beaten to death
Germany honours a 20-year-old of Polish descent who was beaten to death
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Marcin Lewicki

30 June 2024 17:26

A group of 10 attackers of Syrian descent brutally assaulted a 20-year-old German citizen. One perpetrator has already been arrested in connection with the incident. Germany is in shock after the tragedy, and people are gathering in the park in Bad Oeynhausen to pay tribute to the deceased.

The unprecedented tragedy occurred a week ago, on Saturday (June 22). The 20-year-old and his two friends were attacked by a group of assailants in the spa park in Bad Oeynhausen. The 10 men beat Philippos Tsanis so severely that the young man died in the hospital a few days later, on Tuesday (June 25).

Why did the beating occur? Authorities are clarifying the incident's causes. It is known that the boy was attacked when he was returning from his sister's prom.

At a certain moment, an argument broke out between the group of assailants and the three boys returning from the party. One of the aggressors lunged at Tsanis and began to beat him relentlessly, including kicking him in the head. The 20-year-old suffered, among other things, a brain haemorrhage.

German authorities have already arrested an 18-year-old assailant of Syrian descent. According to "Focus," he lived in a migrant home and was known to law enforcement. He had committed, among other things, drug-related crimes. Police officers in North Rhine-Westphalia report that arresting the remaining perpetrators is only a matter of time.

Germany pays tribute to the boy. his mother speaks of murder

For now, the investigation is being conducted on the grounds of involuntary manslaughter combined with severe bodily harm, but authorities do not rule out reclassifying the act.

Residents of Bad Oeynhausen pay tribute to the battered 20-year-old. Thousands of Germans are gathering at the scene of the tragedy, lighting candles and praying for the boy.

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