HealthFoods to avoid for a healthy pancreas: Expert insights

Foods to avoid for a healthy pancreas: Expert insights

This product feeds cancer. The pancreas and liver hate it.
This product feeds cancer. The pancreas and liver hate it.
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22 June 2024 08:31

The pancreas is a vital organ that produces hormones crucial for regulating blood glucose levels and provides digestive enzymes to the small intestine. Its proper functioning plays a fundamental role in our body, so taking care of it daily is essential, mainly through an appropriate diet. Which products are worth eliminating from your diet or limiting their consumption?

Food high in sugar

Doctors and dietitians have long warned against the consumption of sugar, which is a breeding ground for cancer and increases the risk of developing many other serious diseases. Regular consumption of sweet snacks can negatively affect the functioning of the liver, intestines, and pancreas and contribute to the development of diabetes.

Importantly, sugar is practically everywhere. It's worth remembering that sugar, popularly called "white death," is found not only in sweets but also in carbonated drinks, fruit juices, powdered soups, ready meals, ketchup, and breakfast cereals. Sugar can come in various forms, such as high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, which can also harm health.

Yoghurts are exceptionally high in sugar. Research conducted by scientists at the University of Leeds found that out of nearly 900 yoghurts available in supermarkets, the most sugar was in yoghurt-based desserts. The worst performers were fruit yoghurts, containing about 42 grams of sugar per 100 grams of product, comparable to cola's sugar content! It is worth looking for "light" versions of yoghurt with reduced sugar content on store shelves.

Fried and fatty foods

Fried foods, which are rich in significant amounts of fat, are among the most harmful food products. Such dishes raise the level of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood and burden the liver and pancreas. It is better to choose cooking techniques such as baking or steaming. Importantly, they often do not require special culinary skills.


Red meat also has a destructive impact on the pancreas. Consuming it in excessive amounts is harmful to our health. Avoiding it in favour of lean white meat, fatty seafood, and legumes is recommended. People with pancreatic problems should avoid processed meat products such as canned meats, pates, sausages, or certain cold cuts, which contain flavour enhancers, preservatives, and carcinogenic compounds.


Alcohol is another enemy of our pancreas. Alcoholic beverages also affect other organs. They not only destroy the liver but also harm patients with diabetes and can lead to pancreatitis. Moreover, alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing cancer and gastritis and affects the nervous system.

A good idea would be to give up alcohol entirely. A fascinating alternative could be replacing this habit with increasingly popular 0% alcohol products - primarily non-alcoholic beers.


Everyone knows that inhaling tobacco smoke promotes the development of lung cancer, but few realise that smoking cigarettes can also lead to stomach problems and chronic or acute pancreatitis. Quitting smoking promptly will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our health.

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