NewsFire ravages Turkey and Greece: Residents on edge as infernos spread

Fire ravages Turkey and Greece: Residents on edge as infernos spread

Barracks fires in Turkey
Barracks fires in Turkey
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Katarzyna Bogdańska

30 June 2024 07:11

A fire broke out in the province of İzmir, Turkey. Due to strong winds, the fire began to spread rapidly. Photos and videos showing the extent of the tragedy are appearing on the internet.

The fire is raging in the province of İzmir. The road connecting the city of Selçuk and the resort town of Kuşadası has been closed. The fire has also spread to the resort town of Çeşme, as well as along the highway connecting İzmir with Çeşme. The situation is serious. Photos and films can be seen online.

Smoke plumes are visible from a distance.

Residents are alarmed that the fire is getting bigger.

Fire also in Greece

About 200 firefighters battled on Saturday against a large forest fire covering the Parnitha mountain range north of Athens. On that day, approximately 50 fires broke out in Greece, and half of the country is in a high fire-risk zone.

Authorities said in the evening that the fire near Athens had already weakened, but about 200 firefighters supported by firefighting planes are still battling it. The effort is hindered by strong winds, with gusts exceeding 100 km/h - reported Reuters.

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