SportsFeet in Ruben van Gucht's hotel room sparks a media frenzy amid cheating accusations

Feet in Ruben van Gucht's hotel room sparks a media frenzy amid cheating accusations

Ruben Van Gucht on the left side in the commentator's booth
Ruben Van Gucht on the left side in the commentator's booth
Images source: © Instagram | Ruben Van Gucht
Sebastian Szczytkowski

25 June 2024 18:34

Sports journalist Ruben Van Gucht decided to connect to the TV station from his hotel room. The situation became awkward when he used a mug to cover a woman's feet lying on the bed, sparking a wave of speculation.

Ruben Van Gucht is 37 years old and proudly announced in his latest Instagram post that he is covering his sixth major football tournament. He started in Brazil in 2014 and has since reported from the World Cups in Russia and Qatar. This year's Euro 2024 marks his third European Championship.

The Belgian handles television studio hosting and interviews players after matches. He usually chooses attractive locations for his broadcasts, but recently, he appeared on air directly from his hotel room, leading to an unusual scene.

The broadcast captured female feet that did not belong to the journalist's wife. Blanka Vlasić, one of the most recognisable athletes of this century, requires no introduction. The Croatian specialises in the high jump. Ruben Van Gucht attempted to hide the feet with a mug.

This sparked speculation because neither Ruben Van Gucht nor Blanka Vlasić immediately commented on the incident. For some viewers, it was a trivial provocation, while others viewed the female feet and the journalist's reaction as evidence of infidelity. Media in the Balkans are in a frenzy, even speculating about the potential candidates with whom the Belgian might be having an affair.

"Blanka Vlasić found out live on air that her husband was cheating on her. The region is buzzing after one of the scenes. The shocking photo from the hotel has outraged the public," writes the Serbian portal Just a moment of inattention from the experienced journalist was enough to ignite an absolute scandal.

Blanka Vlasić is the Belgian's second wife. The couple married in 2022. Previously, the journalist was married to Laurence Van Tongerloo, lasting from 2014 to 2021. His current wife is three years older than him, and they met at a sports event.

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