EntertainmentFarewell to Judy Belushi: Pioneering force behind 'The Blues Brothers'

Farewell to Judy Belushi: Pioneering force behind 'The Blues Brothers'

Judy Belushi Pisano
Judy Belushi Pisano
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Basia Żelazko

7 July 2024 14:24

The actress and producer was 73 years old. According to information from American media, she passed away following a prolonged battle with cancer.

"Our hearts are heavy as we say goodbye to our sweet Judy yesterday, July 5th. Her unwavering dedication and creative genius alongside Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi gave birth to The Blues Brothers, a timeless testament to the power of music and laughter," reads an Instagram post dedicated to John Belushi, who passed away in 1982. In the comments, close friends and fans extend their condolences to the family and express that Judy and John are finally reunited.

Together with her husband, Judy worked on the set of "Saturday Night Live" and appeared in "The Blues Brothers," "Animal House," and "Nothing Lasts Forever." She produced documentaries commemorating her late husband's work and also worked on creating a TV series version of "The Blues Brothers."

Judy and John Belushi married in 1973 and remained together until his death.

John Belushi and his wife Judy in 1978
John Belushi and his wife Judy in 1978© Licensor | Ron Galella

John Belushi: The tragic life of a legend

The American comedian of Albanian descent, an Emmy Award winner, and a singer gained immortality with his role in the musical "The Blues Brothers." John Adam Belushi was born on 24 January 1949 in Chicago and tragically died on 5 March 1982 in West Hollywood, United States.

He drew attention in the early '70s as a Chicago comedy group The Second City member. He gained fame by appearing on "Saturday Night Live." The audience adored him. Meanwhile, to stay on top and maintain his high energy, he turned to substances. He died from a lethal dose of a so-called speedball, an injected mix of cocaine and heroin.

Bob Woodward described the star's life in the 1985 biography "Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi." Many of the artist's friends and collaborators, including his wife Judy, Dan Aykroyd, and brother James Belushi, interviewed for the book. The book was adapted into a 1989 film directed by Larry Peerce. At the time, 24-year-old Michael Chiklis played the actor.

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