SportsFan's balancing act amazes Euro 2024 crowd in Düsseldorf

Fan's balancing act amazes Euro 2024 crowd in Düsseldorf

Unusual abilities of the man on a bicycle.
Unusual abilities of the man on a bicycle.
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Mateusz Kaluga

19 June 2024 10:44

The European Championship in Germany is, above all, a festival for football fans. It has long been known that football enthusiasts make up one of the largest groups. As a result, there is no shortage of people with exceptional skills. Such talent was on display recently during the France vs. Austria match.

Those who frequently attend sporting or musical events, which typically attract many fans, know how difficult it is to get to the crowded food stands or even the toilets.

After reaching the destination and purchasing, for example, some refreshing drinks, one still needs to return to their place where friends are waiting for their drinks. Before that, however, one has to navigate through the crowd.

One man demonstrated unusual skills during the European Championship in Germany. In Düsseldorf, a fan wearing a Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen shirt rode a bicycle along the promenade with... six cups, presumably of beer, balanced on his head.

The cyclist rode skillfully among the fans who admired him. Some of them turned to look back at him and even took photos. This happened just before the Austria vs. France match, in which the Tricolours emerged victorious.

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