SportsEuro 2024 matches threatened by severe weather and tornado warnings

Euro 2024 matches threatened by severe weather and tornado warnings

In the photo: warning about storms in Germany
In the photo: warning about storms in Germany
Images source: © Getty Images | 2024 UEFA

28 June 2024 13:31

On Saturday, 29th June, the knockout phase of Euro 2024 will commence in Germany. However, the grand event could face disruptions due to the weather forecast. A meteorologist has emphasised that the possibility of tornadoes cannot be ruled out.

The group stage of Euro 2024 has concluded. Following that, a two-day break was scheduled before the start of the Round of 16. From Saturday, June 29th, to Tuesday, July 2nd, all matches will take place, after which the quarter-finalists will be determined.

Although many fans from countries that qualified for the European Championship have arrived in Germany, they initially had no reason to be satisfied with the weather conditions. The start of the competition was chilly and rainy, but recently, the weather has significantly improved.

However, it appears that the weather will once again be far from ideal shortly. The German media, including Bild, are already reporting this impending deterioration.

- From Saturday evening to Sunday night, there is a risk of severe thunderstorms from the south-western to the central part of Germany. These could cause exceptionally heavy rainfall. Large hail showers and hurricane-force wind gusts with speeds from 60 to 90 mph are also expected. Tornadoes cannot be ruled out - stated meteorologist Dominik Jung in the aforementioned newspaper.

These dire forecasts certainly give the organisers much to ponder, as they have already had to contend with weather-related difficulties during Euro 2024. It could be similar, particularly in Dortmund, where the hosts will face the Danish national team.

- Saturday evening in Dortmund could be quite stormy - said the German meteorologists, who are warning the residents of southern Baden of isolated tornadoes.

The Italian national team will face Switzerland on the same day in Berlin. Meanwhile, on Sunday, England will compete against Slovakia in Gelsenkirchen, and Spain will play Georgia in Cologne.

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