EntertainmentEddie Murphy returns in Netflix's new "Beverly Hills Cop" instalment

Eddie Murphy returns in Netflix's new "Beverly Hills Cop" instalment

Eddie Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Eddie Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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Magdalena Drozdek

5 July 2024 12:11

You can now watch the new "Beverly Hills Cop" on Netflix. Eddie Murphy returns to the cult series after 30 years, and the film's stars reveal what it was like working on set.

In recent years, filmmakers have been playing on our nostalgia. It sells well in cinemas or streaming, so various productions are being refreshed. It was only a matter of time before the cult classic "Beverly Hills Cop" got the treatment. The first film from the '80s had a budget of £10 million, which was modest. Worldwide, it was a hit, grossing over £230 million. The second part did only slightly worse, grossing £229 million, while the third, made for £38 million, earned only £91 million. Axel Foley and his adventures were forgotten for decades.

"Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" is now on Netflix

Starting Wednesday, July 3, you can watch the fourth instalment of Axel's adventures -this time not in cinemas, but on Netflix. The production had a budget of £115 million.

The film features many recognisable faces. Kevin Bacon plays Captain Cade Grant, Paul Reiser is the deputy chief, and John Ashton returns as Chief John Taggart. The production also includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays a detective working with Foley, and Taylour Paige, who portrays Axel's daughter, Jane Saunders. This latter duo sat in front of cameras to discuss what it was like working with Murphy, which you can see in the material below.

"I grew up watching ‘The Nutty Professor’ and ‘Dr. Dolittle.’ It was like I knew him — it was surreal. The objective was to try and get the man who made the world laugh to laugh. I found it quite fun to crack him," recalls the actress who made Murphy laugh. "Someone as iconic as him sometimes can be precious about their work and he never was. Eddie and I would always just nerd out about music, mostly music and movies. It was just such a treat to get to hang out and kind of shoot the breeze with him," commented Gordon-Levitt.

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