Duchess Kate's health concerns spark future appearance debates

An expert predicts when Duchess Kate will return to full duties
An expert predicts when Duchess Kate will return to full duties
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28 June 2024 19:49

After a prolonged absence from the media, the ailing Duchess Kate made a public appearance at King Charles III's birthday ceremonial celebrations. Upon seeing her, the subjects sighed with relief. However, questions about her future public appearances quickly emerged. An expert has addressed these concerns with clarity.

For several months, the British royal family has been facing significant health challenges. Both King Charles III and Kate Middleton are grappling with illnesses that severely hinder their ability to fulfil their duties.

Prince William's wife is undergoing chemotherapy, which has considerably weakened her body. Consequently, she has naturally limited her public engagements to a minimum. Although less than two weeks have passed since Trooping the Colour, the media in the UK are already speculating about her next public appearance.

An expert on the royal family has tackled this question and offered her predictions. She has indicated likely events where the duchess might be seen.

Her treatment is ongoing, and will be for the next few months, but I understand she would like to visit the Wimbledon tennis tournament — she is a patron — if she feels up to it," royal expert Emily Andrews told Grazia magazine.

When will Duchess Kate start appearing publicly again?

Emily Andrews hoped that the future queen would try to increase her public appearances. However, she did not have encouraging news for those expecting frequent engagements this year.

The expert predicts that if the treatment of the 42-year-old Princess of Wales proceeds as planned, she can resume all her previous royal duties no earlier than the beginning of 2025.

Prince William is stepping in for her, but King Charles III, who is also facing health issues, requires support. A few days ago, King Charles III, prompted by Queen Camilla, handed one of his prestigious roles to a distant relative.

It would have been more traditional to entrust the care of the Royal Ballet School to his eldest son. However, this surprising decision most likely stems from the numerous additional responsibilities Prince William has assumed due to his wife's indisposition.

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