EntertainmentDubai influencer fined almost £3,000 for breaking Sardinia's Pink Beach ban

Dubai influencer fined almost £3,000 for breaking Sardinia's Pink Beach ban

Influencer fined for stepping onto the pink beach in Sardinia
Influencer fined for stepping onto the pink beach in Sardinia
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15 June 2024 15:03

The authorities of the island of Sardinia have penalised a Dubai-based influencer. The woman broke the entry ban on the Pink Beach on Budelli. The internet celebrity was detained in Dubai and given a hefty fine.

Sardinia is known for its beautiful white beaches and perfect weather. It's no wonder the Italian island attracts tourists from all over the world. Near Sardinia lies the tiny, uninhabited island of Budelli, which draws visitors with its pink beaches. The island's area is only 1.6 square kilometres. Due to massive tourist interest since the 1990s, the Italian government has imposed a ban on entering the pink beach and swimming in the sea. Tourists can walk along a path along the coast and view the pink sand from boats that have the required permits. Not everyone obeys the law, resulting in hefty fines.

Dubai influencer broke Italian law

Influencer Rogeria Guia is a Brazilian internet celebrity living in Dubai. 35.8 thousand people follow her Instagram profile. The woman broke Italian law twice, which she documented on social media. The influencer reportedly rented a rubber boat to reach the pink beach. The boat owner supposedly did not know the woman planned to break the law. Rogeria documented her visit to the island on Instagram, posting a video focusing on footprints in the sand. In the background, the song "La Vie en rose", performed by Édith Piaf, was playing.

The recording reached the coast guard officers of the La Maddalena archipelago, who decided to start an investigation. Rogeria Guia was detained in Dubai. The authorities fined her €1,800 (approx. £1,520) for breaking the entry ban on the pink beach and €1,500 (approx. £1,260) for arriving on a vessel without a permit to access Budelli. This incident allegedly occurred a few days ago while the influencer was in Italy.

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