EntertainmentDrone attacks ignite fear as Russian aviation show cancelled again

Drone attacks ignite fear as Russian aviation show cancelled again

Panic in Russia. Drones attacked again
Panic in Russia. Drones attacked again
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Jakub Artych

28 June 2024 18:34

In the Tambov region of Russia, a drone attack caused a fire in an oil depot. In the Smolensk region, Ukrainian drones attacked a military facility. Russians are increasingly afraid of Ukrainian drones, which has resulted in the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS being cancelled for the second time.

According to the head of the region, Maksym Yegorov, a fire broke out in an oil depot in the Tambov region following a Ukrainian drone attack.

He stated that the nearest homes were about 3 kilometres away from the explosion site, and there were no casualties. Several fire brigades and specialists from the Ministry of Emergency Situations are extinguishing the fire.

The Russian Ministry of Defence reported that 25 drones were destroyed or intercepted overnight over Russian regions: 12 in the Bryansk region, nine in the Smolensk region, two in the Kursk region, and one each in the Voronezh and Rostov regions.

As noted by the independent Russian portal Meduza, however, the ministry's statement did not mention the attack in the Tambov region, which does not directly border Ukraine.

In the Bryansk region, seven drones were shot down over the Trubchevsky, Navlinsky, and Suzemskiy districts, and six more over the Karachevsky district - informed the head of the region Aleksander Bogomaz.

Drones over Russia. Panic in the country

Russians have cancelled the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS for the second time. It was supposed to take place at Zhukovsky International Airport. The reasons are safety concerns and the possible drone attack.

At the MAKS shows, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin regularly appeared, who was ceremonially enjoying ice cream in the past.

The International Aviation and Space Salon exhibits aviation and space technology and scientific achievements in aircraft construction. It has been held in Zhukovsky at the Ramenskoye airport of the Gromov Flight Research Institute since 1993.

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