LifestyleDiscover the kitchen secret to replacing dry shampoo

Discover the kitchen secret to replacing dry shampoo

How to "refresh" your hairstyle in no time?
How to "refresh" your hairstyle in no time?
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6 July 2024 15:14

Dry shampoo has captured the hearts of many. Not only does it save us on a "bad hair day," but it also refreshes our locks wonderfully. It turns out that there is a product that can replace it. Moreover, most of us will find it in the kitchen.

How did our grandmothers take care of their hair years ago? Many of them used a trick that allowed them to impress with their hairstyles instantly (even if they didn't have time to wash their hair beforehand). In this case, the indispensable product was well-known potato starch. Here's how to use it properly.

Why use potato starch on hair?

Potato starch has been used for years in preparing various dishes, including delicious sauces and even soups. However, few people know that it can also successfully be used for... hair.

It is no secret that potato starch excellently absorbs excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. When applied to the scalp, hair seems much less greasy.

It can also be used on the rest of the hair, effectively moisturising it. Additionally, strands will be smooth and shiny.

How to apply potato starch to hair?

It might seem that applying potato starch to hair is not easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just sprinkle a small amount onto your hand, then massage it into the top of your head.

After a moment, use a brush to remove the excess product from the scalp, spreading it along the length of the remaining strands. Sometimes, those with dark hair may notice a slight, light residue from the starch. However, you can get rid of it by lightly sprinkling the hair with, for example, cinnamon, which will additionally nourish and stimulate it to grow.

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