LifestyleDecoding Zara labels: The hidden size symbols revealed

Decoding Zara labels: The hidden size symbols revealed

Symbols on labels at Zara have meaning
Symbols on labels at Zara have meaning
Images source: © @_vanessaedith, TikTok

10 July 2024 16:16

A skirt in size 38 is too large, while trousers in size 38 can barely be fastened. Have you encountered a similar situation? Customers of a popular clothing chain are complaining about inconsistencies in sizing. However, one has figured out the issue, pointing to a small symbol on the label.

Choosing the right size in a clothing store often becomes challenging. Sometimes, size 38 fits perfectly in one store, while in another, it's already size 42. But why does it happen that we can’t determine the appropriate size even within one store? There is an explanation for this.

Symbols on the label are key

One of Zara's customers discovered that the key to finding the right size might be a symbol on the label. According to her, a square indicates a standard size, a circle suggests an oversized fit, and a triangle an undersized fit.

Zara employees, active in the comments, clarified that these symbols point to different store departments—basic, woman, and TRF, the youth collection. Stylist Trinny Woodall also confirmed this. It can be concluded that youth clothing will be slightly smaller than that from the women's department; therefore, the TRF sizing can be considered undersized, while the women's sizing can be oversized.

This theory was confirmed by TikTok Vanessa Edith, who visited Zara and tested three pairs of jeans—all in size 34 but with different symbols. Indeed, the trousers marked with a square fit perfectly; those with a circle were too large, and it was difficult for her to fit into the pair with a triangle.

- This is valuable knowledge for me because these symbols indicate the departments – women, basic, and TRF, as well as the proper sizes. Now I will pay more attention to them and choose clothes differently – she declared.

Size in the chain store can affect self-esteem

The woman stated that this knowledge could help women choose the right size more quickly and easily and eliminate specific complexes.

– Women often cry at the cash registers when one day they buy size 36, and the next, size 40. Imagine how this affects their psyche, especially those struggling with eating disorders – concluded the TikToker.

– I am a psychotherapist and often meet girls who believe they are too fat (not talking about anorexia or bulimia, where body perception is distorted). When such a girl doesn’t fit into size 42, it may discourage her from eating. It’s a nightmare – wrote one of the internet users.

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