LifestyleDangers of plastic bottles in cars during summer heatwave

Dangers of plastic bottles in cars during summer heatwave

Never leave bottled water in the car during heatwaves
Never leave bottled water in the car during heatwaves
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25 June 2024 19:36

Proper body hydration is extremely important. In the summer, we need to drink more often to maintain the proper fluid levels. However, it's not difficult to make a tragic mistake. We make it frequently.

A heatwave is heading again. Providing the body with an adequate amount of fluids is very important at this moment. We should always have something to drink with us - plain water is best.

People who drive cars often leave plastic bottles with fluids in the car. In the summer, this is a difficult habit. The Volunteer Fire Department, among others, warns against the consequences of such a situation. Knowing what risks we face if we engage in such practices is worth knowing.

It takes very little to cause a disaster

Although it may seem unlikely, a plastic bottle left in the car can contribute to a fire. This is no joke. Heated plastic can quickly begin to smoke, leading to a real tragedy.

"It is clearly visible how, under the influence of sunlight and the lens created by the water, the fabric starts to smoulder, so we have the beginning of a fire. An important message especially in the middle of a scorching summer, as I did not expect such a threat from this side" - we read in a post that appeared on the Facebook fan page of OSP Podwody.

However, plastic bottles are not the only danger in the heat. Equally dangerous, for example, are cans of carbonated drinks, which can even explode under the influence of heat. The risk of fire, however, is not the only downside of leaving bottles in the car.

It is also worth knowing that bacteria and fungi can multiply in water left in the car during the summer. This is due to high temperatures, which accelerate specific processes. The worst is carrying such water in the car for a long time. Drinking it can then be detrimental to our health.

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