LifestyleDad shorts make a comeback: Celebs embrace retro summer style

Dad shorts make a comeback: Celebs embrace retro summer style

Stars are wearing "dad shorts"
Stars are wearing "dad shorts"
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19 June 2024 20:11

Short, tight summer shorts are now absolutely passé. A model that looked straight from dad's closet has been trending for several seasons. Hence its name – "dad shorts." These characteristic shorts are eagerly worn by international celebrities, including Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid. Will the trend reach British grounds as well?

In recent years, fashion has mainly taken one direction – to oversize. Loose cuts dominate the runways, streets, and store shelves. "Wide-leg" trousers have almost entirely replaced skinny jeans. And what about shorts, which become an object of interest in the summer? The situation is analogous. We no longer look favourably upon short shorts that cling to the buttocks.

Will wide "dad shorts" be in vogue now?

Models in Britney Spears's style have been replaced by shorts inspired by a father's wardrobe. We're specifically talking about a style with wide legs that reach the knees. "Dad shorts" can be made of fabric or denim—then they are known as “jorts” loved by, among others, Julia Wieniawa. However, it is undisputable that in the summer, thick denim fades into oblivion for a while, making way for more breathable fabrics.

Stars from across the ocean are promoting a controversial trend

Foreign celebrities have gone crazy for "dad shorts." In early June, Jessica Alba appeared in a grey suit set with a classic blazer and shorts with a masculine touch. This is what differentiates them, among other things, from Bermuda shorts. Many stylists will oppose this trend because "dad shorts" simply shorten the legs. But fashion is not just about perfect proportions. Playing with form is always valuable.

Jessica Alba in a suit set with men's shorts
Jessica Alba in a suit set with men's shorts© Getty Images | 2024 Raymond Hall

Hailey Bieber wore dad shorts from her dad's closet last summer. A thin belt and a tight crop top complemented a white model with maximally wide legs. At first glance, it's clear that this trend won't appeal to everyone. "Dad shorts" are worn by the bolder representatives of the fashion world.

Hailey Bieber parades in white "dad shorts"
Hailey Bieber parades in white "dad shorts"© Getty Images | 2023 Raymond Hall

Bella Hadid wore very similar attire, but a year earlier! As you can see, "dad shorts" have been trying to break into the fashion mainstream for several seasons. The model fears no trends, so she donned wide shorts, pairing them with a tailored shirt and boots.

If you're a fan of the masculine style, then "dad shorts" are definitely a novelty for you.

Bella Hadid goes for "dad shorts" because she isn't afraid of bold trends
Bella Hadid goes for "dad shorts" because she isn't afraid of bold trends© Getty Images | 2022 Gilbert Carrasquillo
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