NewsCNN's Kasie Hunt cuts interview short after attacks on colleagues

CNN's Kasie Hunt cuts interview short after attacks on colleagues

A CNN journalist interrupted the interview. She got furious. It was about Trump.
A CNN journalist interrupted the interview. She got furious. It was about Trump.
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Anna Wajs-Wiejacka

25 June 2024 07:37

CNN presenter did not hide her outrage. It only took a few words from Donald Trump's press secretary for the journalist to end the interview. Kasie Hunt's expression says it all.

CNN presenter Kasie Hunt interrupted the interview with Trump's spokeswoman after she began attacking Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, who will lead Thursday's debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

During the interview, Trump campaign's national press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, said that the former president "is knowingly stepping into a hostile CNN environment, with debate moderators who have clearly expressed their opinions about him over the past eight years and have prepared biased reports about the president."

Hunt, hearing strong accusations against her colleagues, did not intend to remain silent. The journalist stated that her editorial colleagues "have proven themselves as professionals, covering campaigns and conducting interviews with candidates from all parties." She noted, "if you attack the moderators, you usually lose."

Hunt attempted to return to the topic of Trump's debate preparations, but Leavitt continued to attack Tapper. She said that "it takes about five minutes to Google Jake Tapper and Donald Trump and you can see that Jake Tapper consistently…". The CNN journalist did not let Leavitt finish her sentence, threatening to end the interview if they did not return to the topic.

If you continue to attack my colleagues, we will end this interview — Hunt said firmly.

It didn’t stop at the warnings

Despite the warning, Leavitt tried to prove that the hosts of Thursday's debate do not favour Trump. - I am stating facts that your colleagues have said in the past... - said Trump's spokeswoman once again.

Hunt decided to end their conversation at that point. She thanked Leavitt for her presence and assured her that she is welcome on the programme if she wants to talk on the topic and not undermine the professionalism of her colleagues. A little later, Kasie Hunt posted about the interview on the X portal.

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