TechClean your car mats at home with this viral TikTok hack

Clean your car mats at home with this viral TikTok hack

Car mats will be cleaner than ever before.
Car mats will be cleaner than ever before.
Images source: © TikTok | creative_explained

4 July 2024 12:49

The state of car mats can sometimes leave much to be desired. However, you don't need to visit a car wash to clean them—you can do it yourself at home, and most importantly, effectively.

Car mats protect the vehicle's floor by capturing dirt, dust, and sand and preventing them from spreading throughout the interior. Nevertheless, they occasionally require thorough cleaning.

How best to do this to restore their original appearance? Vacuuming is not enough; more rigorous measures are required. However, there’s no need to take the car to a detailing salon. You can use a popular method that is gaining recognition on TikTok.

When to clean car mats?

Mud, sand, leaves—all these contaminants end up on your shoes and car mats. In winter, the car's interior often looks less appealing, and frequent cleaning is pointless due to unpredictable weather conditions.

With the arrival of spring, it's time for a more thorough cleaning, both at home and in the car. The condition of car mats may require special attention. How do you restore their fresh appearance? You can use the special machines that are available at some petrol stations.

If you don't want to spend money on a car wash, try the popular method from TikTok. Armen Adamjan, a well-known TikToker from the Creative Understanding profile, shares various clever hacks, including cleaning tips. One of his videos has gained a lot of popularity. The TikToker demonstrated how to clean car mats easily.

How to clean car mats?

He shared the idea of cleaning car mats using a drill and a new toilet brush. He started by cutting off the handle of the brush, leaving a piece of plastic so that he could attach it to the drill. Then, he turned on the drill and applied it to the mat until all the dirt was removed. – It really works. It's a great idea, especially if you have a dog. – read the comments.

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