NewsBritish tourist slams Mykonos bar over £130 drinks bill

British tourist slams Mykonos bar over £130 drinks bill

Greece. The prices at a venue on Mykonos are staggering
Greece. The prices at a venue on Mykonos are staggering
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5 July 2024 13:29

A visit to a restaurant in Mykonos ended in shock for a British tourist. She paid as much as £130 for two beers and a Fanta. The woman was outraged, but the restaurant manager briefly summarised the entire situation. "Check the menu," he said.

While on holiday, the British tourists went to a restaurant to try local specialities. They chose DK Oyster Bar but soon regretted this decision.

A woman named Jenny from Hertford described her surprise when she was charged £130 for two beers and a Fanta. Her post online sparked a wave of criticism against the establishment, which is accused of a lack of price transparency, writes "The Sun."

I am absolutely horrified by the prices in this place. They say you don’t have to pay for sunbeds if you buy drinks, but that’s not true - wrote Jenny.

The woman had not anticipated such high prices for just drinks. "This place is nothing special; they serve beer in a boot-shaped glass. You don’t expect to pay 250% more than at other places on the beach," she added.

"I expected to pay from £10 to £18 for sunbeds, but I never thought the bill would be £130," she said.

Greece. Prices in Mykonos. Restaurant manager responds

The DK Oyster Bar manager decided to address these accusations. "We encourage all visitors to check the menu before placing orders," he said.

Our menu is always displayed on boards at the entrance, showing the prices of dishes and drinks to provide our guests with specific information - added Dimitrios Kalamaras.

It turns out that Jenny's story isn’t unique. In online comments, dozens of other tourists have reported receiving shocking bills for their visit to DK Oyster Bar. The number of negative reviews of the bar on a popular site where users can rate individual restaurants is close to 1,300.

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