Entertainment"Bridgerton" casting director swamped with erotic video auditions

"Bridgerton" casting director swamped with erotic video auditions

The third season of "Bridgerton" is breaking popularity records online
The third season of "Bridgerton" is breaking popularity records online
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Magdalena Drozdek

4 July 2024 11:46

The casting director of "Bridgerton" revealed that almost every day, her mailbox is filled with recordings of indecent, erotic videos. Fans of the Netflix series hope to appear in the fourth instalment of the hit show.

The third season of "Bridgerton" continued the success of its predecessors and became a streaming sensation. True to form, this season was not lacking in the erotic exploits that the series is known for. Viewers spent over 1.5 billion hours watching the adventures of Penelope and Colin, catapulting the production to the top of the most-watched content online for several weeks. The series' popularity is so immense that fans are going to great lengths to become a part of their beloved show.

The casting director of "Bridgerton" is inundated with recordings

Work on the upcoming parts of "Bridgerton" is already underway. Though there are several hints, the creators have not yet disclosed whose story will take centre stage. Much is being said about the series now focusing on Francesca Bridgerton (now portrayed by Hannah Dodd), who married John Stirling in the third season. She also met his cousin, who left quite an impression on her. If the series follows the books, Francesca will likely have an affair with her husband’s cousin. Benedict Bridgerton, portrayed by Luke Thompson, is also identified as a potential main character for the fourth season.

Fans are convinced that the next season will not lack erotic scenes, mainly if the storyline focuses on Benedict. Kelly Valentine Hendry, the "Bridgerton" casting director, revealed that viewers are already going to extraordinary lengths to get a role in ways she has never seen before.

In the podcast "Should I Delete That?" Hendry disclosed that obscene recordings are being sent to her email inbox. "It’s every day… I get the most unbelievable videos, unsolicited (...). It’s sex basically. It’s not actual sex but it’s quite punchy, the stuff that comes through to me. It’s not nude pictures, but not far off. It’s a bit sad, really," said the director. Fans are now focusing on getting the role of Sophie Beckett, who appears in Benedict's life in the "Bridgerton" books.

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