EntertainmentBrad Pitt's family turmoil: Fallout with children as new love blossoms

Brad Pitt's family turmoil: Fallout with children as new love blossoms

Brad Pitt has no contact with his children.
Brad Pitt has no contact with his children.
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10 July 2024 21:54

Brad Pitt has no relationship with his older children and has recently reduced contact with the younger ones. Why?

For some time now, Brad Pitt has been in love again. The actor found happiness alongside Ines de Ramon, who is 27 years younger. The couple is reportedly increasingly serious about starting a family.

Unfortunately, at the same time, Brad Pitt is still dealing with the aftermath of his split from Angelina Jolie. The 60-year-old not only has issues with his ex but also with their mutual children. Recently, it was reported in the media that the eldest biological daughter of the former star duo has given up her famous father's surname.

Brad Pitt has no contact with his children

According to recent findings by "People", the relationship between Brad and his children has been almost completely severed. Until recently, he still maintained some contact with the youngest twins, but due to numerous commitments, his relationships with them are not in a good place either.

He practically has no contact with his adult children. His contact with the younger children has been more limited lately due to his filming schedule - a tabloid informant reports, adding:

Angelina takes care of the children most of the time, but according to their agreement, he visits the younger children.

The actor, who is currently in Europe filming a movie about Formula 1 racing, supposedly misses his children very much.

He loves his children and misses them. It's very sad. He is happy with Ines, but it hurts him to be out of touch with his children.

Brad Pitt is angry with Shiloh

Moreover, someone from his circle reveals that Pitt was deeply affected by his eldest child's decision to renounce his surname.

Brad is upset that Shiloh dropped his surname - a source tells "People".

Do you think he will ever be able to repair his relationships with his children?

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