NewsBoy's disappearance in northern Germany ends in tragic discovery

Boy's disappearance in northern Germany ends in tragic discovery

He was mowing the grass in the field. Niemiec came across the body of a child.
He was mowing the grass in the field. Niemiec came across the body of a child.
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27 June 2024 08:46

Dramatic events in Germany have profoundly affected the entire country. On 22 April, a boy named Arian went missing. Despite extensive search efforts by various services, the child's body was ultimately discovered. Many questions remain unanswered in this tragic case.

Dramatic events in northern Germany have moved the entire nation. On 22 April, 6-year-old Arian went missing, having slipped out of his home unnoticed in Bremervörde-Elm and disappeared without a trace. The comprehensive search efforts by police, fire brigade, and the army, alongside family members, neighbours, friends, and residents, were fruitless...

As reported by "Fakt", even trained sniffer dogs could not pick up any scent. Although there is no official confirmation, everything points to a tragic end to the search. On Monday, 24 June, farmer Jan Schlesselmann mowed his meadow when he encountered something he initially mistook for rubbish.

I looked at it more closely and immediately realised that it was a child's body, he recounted to reporters from "Bild".

The man immediately informed the police, who quickly arrived at the scene. Investigation and forensic officers meticulously examined for many hours, securing evidence. The body was sent for an autopsy.

The discovered body was found approximately 2 miles from Arian's home. Forensic experts are now working on confirming the identity and determining the cause of death. The complete test results will be available in a few days. So far, there is no evidence of a crime.

"Fakt" reports that the location where the body was found had been searched multiple times by a group of 500 soldiers. How was it possible that none of the searchers noticed the child? German investigators will be determining the circumstances of the boy's death.

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