HealthBoron: The overlooked trace element crucial for health

Boron: The overlooked trace element crucial for health

It is essential for health. A deficiency may cause cancer.
It is essential for health. A deficiency may cause cancer.
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1 July 2024 16:17

Boron is a trace element essential for maintaining health, even though we are often unaware of its importance. A deficiency can lead to serious health issues, making it crucial to consume adequate amounts of this microelement daily.

Health benefits of boron. There are really many

Boron has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Even though we consume it in small amounts, its range of action is quite broad. It supports muscle function and helps maintain healthy skin, slowing ageing. Additionally, boron can enhance oestrogen activity in the body, which is beneficial for women during menopause. Furthermore, it aids memory, concentration, and overall cognitive functions.

A boron deficiency in the body can result in serious health problems and hormonal disorders, such as hyperthyroidism. It can also cause muscle cramps and joint issues, and in extreme cases, it may increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. Therefore, its presence in our bodies is significant.

Boron deficiency symptoms can easily be mistaken for other conditions, making diagnosis difficult. Symptoms such as nausea, chronic fatigue, weakness, abdominal pain, joint issues, or muscle cramps may indicate a boron deficiency. Some symptoms are visible externally. Additionally, there may be excessive hair loss, skin changes, and an accelerated heartbeat.

Where can we find boron? It's in many popular products

Boron is found in many food products, such as dates, nuts, legumes (especially beans), leafy vegetables, apricots, peaches, pears, apples, and grapes. It is also present in eggs. Thus, these are items commonly found in every household.

Interestingly, boron is also found in many mineral fertilisers. This means this element penetrates cultivated plants, which should typically be sufficient to provide our bodies with enough boron.

Pharmacies also offer ready-made boron dietary supplements, but it's a good idea to consult a doctor before using them. Their use must be well thought out. Both an excess and a deficiency of boron can be harmful. Therefore, it's safer to check the boron level in the body and seek medical advice to determine the appropriate supplement dose.

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